The Weight Watchers Points Formula revealed

When talking about diets, Weight Watchers is one of the most successful diet stories. The main concept tries to reduce more complex facts about food like its calories to a simple points system. Depending on your current weight, you are allowed to "consume" several points each day.

The exact Weight Watcher Points Formula goes like this:

(Calories in kcal / 50) + (Fat in g / 12) + (Fiber in g, but max. 4) / 5

I also decided to provide an easy to use Weight Watchers Points Calculator where you only need to enter calories, fat and dietary fiber data of your food. That way, you don't need a complete list of each and every food. Just enter the nutrition facts and get your points.

Enter the nutrition facts and press the calculate button:

Calories in kcal
Fat in grams
Fiber in grams