The 6 Greatest Bullshit Stories ever told about Weight Loss

I don't know about you, but I'm totally fed up with all those story tellers, claiming to be an nutrition/fitness/whatever expert. Here are the most common myths and lies - please stop this bullshit.

  • #1 Fat makes fat
    As far as only your energy balance determines if you drop weight or put on extra weight, this is pure bullshit. The only true fact about this statement is the fact that fat is the energy-richest nutrient of all. But this does not necessarily mean, that fat will make you fat. As long as you watch your total calorie balance, everything is fine.
    Even worse are companies advertising for "fat-free" products (e.g. gummi bears). Besides the fact that those products actually are fat-free they also contain tons of sugar. As a result those products are energy-rich again and as bad for you as other products containing fat.

  • #2: Carbs are bad
    Current diet trends tell you how bad carbs are (Atkins, Low Carb diets). Their argument: carbs release insulin which - on the other hand - interferes with fat reduction. The more carbs you eat the more insulin hinders fat from being burned. Again, only your energy balance (calorie intake minus calorie consumption) is crucial if fat will be reduced or not. The body will always (sooner or later) get the energy needed, no matter if insulin has been released or not.

  • #3: Don't eat before you go to bed
    Similiar to the statement above. Eating 3 hours prior to bed time makes your body focus on digesting rather than reducing fat during the night. As we already mentioned: Body always takes what it needs and therefore lunch time etc. has no influence on fat reduction.

  • #4: Keep your heart frequency low when doing cardio
    A classic. What they tell you: the more intensive your workout gets, the more glucose is used for energy production. If you do cardio with less intensity, more fat will be used to provide energy instead. So you are supposed to work out at a low intensity level where more fat is burned. While the kind of energy production really depends on the intensity, again this has nothing to do with weight loss. If you want to reduce fat you have to burn calories. The more calories you burn the more weight will drop. Because intensive activities need more energy, you should try to organize a rather intensive workout. Of course the longer it will last the more calories you burn, so you may need a trade-off between intensity and length of your workout. However, 40min of slow running consume as much energy as 20min running at a high pace. Which workout would you choose?

  • #5: When doing cardio, burning fat starts after 20min
    When starting cardio, your energy is mainly provided by glucose. The longer your workout lasts, more fat will be used for energy provision. You already know the answer: calories are burnt right from the beginning, therefore your cardio is effective from the start.

  • #6: You can lose fat in certain body regions by doing specific exercises
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. This so called "spot reducing" tells you how you can lose fat in certain regions of your body with selected exercises. Actually, your genetics determines where you put on weight first - and where you'll lose it first.