Ketogenic Diet Guidelines

The Ketogenic Diet is based on a process in the human metabolism called ketosis. In this state, fat is extensively used as energy resource for the body. It is a diet with a very hight intake of fat while carbs are cut down strictly.

How do Ketogenic Diets work?

The idea goes as follows: The less carbs you eat, the less glucose your body has as energy resource. As a result, the body will burn more fat to provide the needed energy, which in the end turns out to drop body fat.

When changing your eating habits according to this diet, it may take some days before your body switches to the above mentioned state of ketosis. Therefore, you'll actually losing no weight during the first weeks.

Diet Guidelines you should follow

  • Choose the right food
    Typical food during a ketogenic diet include: eggs, peanut butter, nuts, meat. On the other hand, high carb products like bread, pasta, rice have to be avoided. Peanut butter is popular among ketogenic dieters, but keep in mind only to eat pure peanut butter, not a whole sandwich (sandwich bread is pure carbs!).

  • Although you are allowed to, don't eat like a bulldozer!
    I remember one of my friends being on Atkins. He literally ate 24/7. In the end, he really lost pound after pound, but only because you are allowed to eat high-fat stuff like eggs, doesn't mean you need to eat 20 eggs a day. Instead, try to eat lean, high-protein food. Good examples are: chicken breast (NOT fried), seafood (e.g. tuna) and low-fat cheeses.

  • Always take your vitamins
    Because carbs are a no-go you're definately going to run short on fruits and veggies, because they consist of lots of carbs (just think about bananas, or high-sugar fruits such as oranges). Because you're missing out on lots of vitamins from your usual food, try to supplement all important vitamins on a daily basis.

  • Ketogenic Diets are no long-term solution!
    Low Carb diets should never exceed for instance 6 weeks. It will take some days until the ketosis kicks in and until your body starts burning fat effectively. Even if you end up with astonishing results, take a break of at least four weeks after the diet. Still, a ketogenic diet is radical. Your body needs carbohydrates to function properly and stay healthy. To drop some pounds it might work for a lot of people. Just don't overdo it.