How to get Washboard Abs yourself - and how NOT to

Developing impressive washboard abs is a process consisting of two steps:

  • gaining muscles in your belly region
  • losing fat that hides your abs

While everybody (sports industry, commercials, magazines, ...) wants you to believe that workouts like situps/crunches will do the trick (and therefore sell millions of useless equipment to people) it's very likely that most people don't even know that the second step - cutting down fat - is actually the deciding step in a successful six pack plan.

Of course you need to build some muscles for a real six pack. But this is not the hard part about it. Truth is: every skinny person does have washboard abs. Actually even Jesus does. Of course you need to workout (maybe crunches and situps) to improve the look of your abs. But most important fact is: you won't see any of your muscles if they "hide" behind this evil layer of fat.

How to get Washboard Abs GuideYou might say: "I knew that before, doofus Sir. But my marvelous belly swing machine will not only build up my muscles, it will also eliminate this disgusting fat around my hips.". This is exactly what most people think. Unfortunately, this is not true.

First of all, it is not possible to reduce fat in particular regions of your body (so called spot reducing), therefore you will not lose fat around your hips by doing crunches. Secondly, if you need to reduce fat to get your abs laid open, you should actually know what to do to effectively lose body fat.

So what can you do now?

Read our six pack abs guide where you'll learn effective methods to get real six pack abs and where you can read about all myths and lies about diets and weight loss. Nuff said, go "create" your own washboard abs!