Your Ultimate Washboard Abs Guide

Welcome to, your #1 resource on the internet if you want to get Washboard Abs yourself!

Here, we will clean up with all those myths and lies told by so called experts promising you a perfect body with their dull methods. If you tried dozens of diets and workout programs before which never gave you satisfying results, this is the right place for you. If you just started thinking about shaping your abs - congratulations, you saved a lot of time (and money).

You need to understand one thing first: you won’t get rid of your big belly by just sitting in your chair, watching this site and waiting for some miracle. Washboard abs are no easy thing to do but good news is: everybody can get a sixpack! For some of you hard work has to be done. For others it might be rather easy.

More than 90% of the people trying to create a sixpack will never make it. They will quit their diet and workout programs because sooner or later they realize that desired effects stay away. Most of those people fail for they used some useless program recommended by "experts", others quit cause they are too weak or lazy even if they followed a "working" program.

We won't lie to you: Getting your own ripped abs is not easy, BUT it is possible. There is some hard work to be done, but if you choose a smarter way than most of the people, your own six pack abdominals are only a few weeks away. So, how can you accomplish this and impress everybody at the beach? Our simple answer: just read through this website. We collected tons of useful information and tools to make it as easy as possible for you.

Do you want to belong to the minority that really makes it? Wouldn’t you love to have ripped washboard abs? Start right now at one of the following points:

  • Guide - a complete collection of ab knowledge
  • Q & A's - answers to the most common abs questions!
  • Tools - some useful and free tools for you to use for dieting and exercising

Getting Abs for Dummies: the Top 3 Tips

Okay, okay, obviously, you are as lazy as we are. If you don't like reading all those articles, here are some really useful tips you should stick to:

  • Stay hydrated: Always, always, always drink lots of water. Especially when dieting and exercising. Dehydration can decrease your strength and endurance when exercising by 20% and more. Drink at least a gallon a day.

  • Weight Training: Cardio is good (ie. healthy), but to burn more calories to dig out those ripped abs under your belly fat you need to burn calories. Weight training can not only burn as many calroies as cardio - it will also help you burn more calories in the long run. You build more muscles, more muscles burn more energy (even while you are sleeping).

  • Not too much ab exercises: You don't need to do crunches everyday. Abs are like every other muscles. They need rest to grow. Plan to exercise 2-3 times a week.